Aargh it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday!

Aargh it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday!

It’s Mothers Day on Sunday and I haven’t organised anything yet… Luckily for me I work at Pittenweem Hub and will easily be able to find a card, nice bottle of booze and be able to post it in-store at the Post Office so that it arrives in time to save my blushes!

We’ve got a great range of new St Andrews Gins in stock:

-Pink Grapefruit
-Lemongrass & Ginger
-Orange, Cardamom & Tonka bean

Wishing all the Mothers a lovely day even if their beloved son decides to only give them a card as the postage to send the gin is too expensive upon reflection!

Click the link for a flashback to a little comedy Mothers Day song we created a few years ago


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