Choosing The Right Name

Choosing the right name is important. We needed to change ours following the expansion into groceries as we couldn’t sell alcohol under the name of a pharmacy. A customer suggested the name Hub and it stuck. We see ourselves as more than just a place that sells (lots of different!) things: we’re a community focal point and and a place where we try to build relationships with our customers and patients.

We see hundreds of people each day and will always try to make time to stop and make sure each person is welcomed. We see people in the pharmacy, in the Post Office, in the newsagent, in the grocery and often in all of the above. We know most of customers by name; first name if appropriate. We live in a small community and recognise that for some people we might be their only daily contact.

I’ve worked in over fifty pharmacies but this one is the only one that routinely sends out sympathy cards when we lose someone. I’m proud to be part of that and hope that we cement ourselves as community champions as we go forward with free delivery of groceries in addition to our free prescription delivery service.

Bit sensible today. Sorry about that. I’ll try and remedy that by sharing a photo of a van I saw at the weekend. Yes! We will we will WALK YOU! Now that’s a name. Love it!


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  1. Dad

    Do you deliver salt?

    1. Iain Rooney

      Salt, pepper, vinegar. We do it all!

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