We offer seven delivery packs for local customers.  These are designed to be a quick aid to help you start your order so feel free to request any other items not listed! To order your pack(s) and additional or alternative items please complete the form belowPlease allow 24hours for us to process your request

We accept cash, cheques made payable to Pittenweem Hub Ltd or credit card payments over the phone. Customers can also pay by online banking (sort code 04-00-04 Account 33098681)

Our Packs

  • Mini (£5)
  • Essentials Pack (£15)
  • Breakfast Pack (£10)
  • Meat Pack (£20)
  • Saturday Night In (£15)
  • Summer Picnic (£10)
  • BBQ Pack (£15)


6 Eggs
1 pack biscuits


6 Eggs
Teabags or Coffee
Spreadable butter
Cheddar Cheese
2 packs ham
4 Apples
4 Bananas
1 pack chocolate biscuits


6 rolls
1 Tin Heinz Beans
6 Eggs
6 Links Sausages
4 Slices Bacon
2 Slices Black Pudding



6 Links Sausages
4 Slices Bacon
2 Black Pudding
2 Lorne
1/2ib Steak Mince
1/2lb Steak Pie
2 Sausage Rolls
2 Scotch Pies

Saturday Night

2 Pizzas
Chocolate Bar
1 Bottle Wine
4 Cans Tennent’s Lager

Summer Picnic Pack

Grangemuir Strawberries
2 Filled Rolls
2 Bottles Juice or Water (500mls) 
£1 Crisps or Sweets
Hand Sanitiser

BBQ Pack

6 Penman’s sausages
2 Penman’s burgers
4 Barnett’s rolls
      Grangemuir Strawberries                        Hand Sanitiser                   2L Bottle Barr’s Juice
1 disposable BBQ

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