Floody Hell!

Floody Hell!

Now that the snow has melted we face a new problem- roads being blocked by floodwater…

Monday morning was a tough one for Lorraine who spent a few hours stuck in the van after becoming stranded in a puddle of Dr Foster proportions! Once again we were indebted to local farmers- plural, as tractor number one got stuck and tractor number two followed suit. Thankfully a forklift was soon on hand to get them all on the road again. I shared a thing on Facebook the other day that said in a few months the we should remember that the tractor that’s holding you up on the road in the summer is the same person that kept the community moving in the winter.

I’ll be on the Heart radio today discussing the situation in Fife. I spent twenty minutes stumbling over answers last night for a prerecorded piece and with a bit of luck it’ll edit alright. At the very least if they can edit out my eldest shouting excitedly about Pokemon that’d be great… Tune into yesterday’s news today from 6am.

Hoping that the roads clear soon and this doesn’t become an ongoing problem. We’re gradually returning to normal but are chasing our tails catching up with last week and contending with increased demand for pharmacy and grocery services as people venture out. Additionally we had to send a staff member home early due to concerns about whether she’d get home if we didn’t react quickly.

Floody Hell!



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