Friday 😬

Friday 😬

I’m not going to lie: I’ve had easier weeks! Yesterday continued in the same vein as before with no newspapers, milk or bread and with just as many phone calls (one billion) asking about supplies of newspapers, bread and milk… I was glad to see Cara the local practice pharmacist pop her head in and ask if she could help and gratefully accepted the offer. While she was busy doing my job (answering the phone!) I put on three jackets and got our St Monans drug deliveries ready. Twenty minutes later I was still in the shop having had to help out during a busy spell while getting hot under the (three) collars. Thankfully there was a lull and I nipped out to walk the coastal path and enjoy freedom from the sound of the phone and a pleasant icy blast.

Walking on snow was not easy and neither was finding house numbers given that I was tackling the issue with the logic that town planners had obviously ignored. However I eventually managed to walk to every corner of St Monans and find everyone before trekking back via the main road weary from walking 6km on snow and extremely hot from wearing too many jackets!

Just as the snow forced the road to become a single track I noticed a car behind me. I quickly stepped onto the icy verge and WHAM I hit the deck. I limped into the 3 foot drift to allow it to pass but the driver insisted he give me a lift which I was very grateful for.

Back in the shop we ploughed through all the work I’ve been unable to do this week before Cara had to leave. We shut for lunch and I used the quiet to shift more prescriptions and catch up some more.

Just before we closed early at 4pm we had a big drug delivery. This was in addition to two other deliveries and was a welcome visit as we had been running very low on a number of lines. I stayed back for a little while to make sure it was all tidy for tomorrow.

On the way home I dropped delivery off at a housing complex. I didn’t know where the flat was but soon saw a poster directing me directly right… into what looked like a cupboard? While I was standing weighing up the instruction I caught sight of a lady standing fifty feet away. She laughed and said I wasn’t the first person who’d looked for her in the cupboard!

I’m hopeful the worst of the weather has passed and that we will soon get grocery lines back into stock. We have been ransacked and are desperate for supplies.

During my walk to work today I noticed two farmers ploughing the snow clear from the main road. I’ve seen various Facebook posts of other tractors helping out and I think it’s amazing. We had a call from a group of kind hearted heroes in St Monans who spent the day delivering hot meals on foot to people in need. They are doing it again today and will look in on anyone you know. Great effort!

As tough as this week’s been it’s been great to see and hear stories of us all pulling together to get through it. Here’s to more of that community spirit but to less of the snow!



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