Hello World or at the very least Hello Pittenweem!

Hello World or at the very least Hello Pittenweem!

Welcome to our shiny new website! This is the first and most likely least-professional of a series of blog-posts that we’ll be publishing that will hopefully act to inform and keep you-to-date on developments from your local community hub. Some will no doubt be incredibly informative/witty and hopefully will be a worthy addition to the Information Super-highway! In time we will include photographs but that will be once I’ve undertaken a degree in quantum programming or just found the right button to click and am able to separate my plug-ins from my jetpacks… I’m still wearing the L plates so with a bit of luck this will post in the right place without breaking the internet

Until we meet again, sit back and enjoy a beautiful site that lists a handful of some of the many things we do within your local community Hub.

Iain 🙂


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