No Smoking

Today is National No Smoking Day. Today like every other day you can drop in and join up to our free smoking cessation service. Come in today if you want to stop today. Come in another time if today doesn’t work for you. It’s always a sensible idea to quit but don’t come in today because the NHS has spent a small fortune supplying balloons and posters to pharmacies.

We can help you quit with a range of products and will work with you to stop. You can choose from patches which give a steady supply of nicotine to reduce cravings or gums, sprays, inhalators and lozenges which give you a nicotine hit like a cigarette but without all the cancer causing crap. You can use more than one method to stop. We also supply champix tablets.

We offer a friendly, non-judgemental service and will treat you the same whether this is the first time you’ve tried to quit or whether this is the ninth time.

When I first started work in the pharmacy in Pittenweem I found it odd to be working in a building that also sold cigarettes. Initially I thought it a huge moral conflict and struggled with the concept but I’m ok with it now: we’ve got a relationship with people who come in to buy fags and they know we are here to help when the time is right for them to quit.

Come in today if you really want to stop on National No Smoking Day. Or don’t. But do come in


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