Snowed Under!

Challenging day at work yesterday! It started with the snow prompting an early morning call-off from a staff member and late newspaper delivery from the wholesaler. By the time I’d skidded my way to work we realised that rural roads were too bad so we cancelled country newspaper deliveries. I then spent fifteen minutes in the attic hauling out the rest of our sledges to flog to schoolchildren who were enjoying a snow day. I still had a huge backlog of prescriptions to plod through from the previous day and whizzed through them at blizzard speed until the pharmacy opened at 9am and I had to help serve the public.

We had a couple of drug deliveries and a bread order to sort in between serving what felt like every person in town. I’d been expecting an easy day but hadn’t banked on the flurry of people who’d come in to stock up on provisions. The phone rang so many times I wondered about buying a PRS License in case the ringtone composer was due royalties: calls from people wanting groceries delivered; prescriptions delivered; prescriptions ordered; wholesalers informing us of lack of deliveries; rural customers enquiring about newspapers; queries from surgeries etc. Meanwhile we were under pressure to get our weekly big grocery order placed online ahead of Thursday’s deadline. We had to shut the shop at lunchtime as we didn’t have enough staff to cover (one person off due to weather and another on holiday) but I didn’t bother taking a break as I needed to plow through a fresh dusting (it wasn’t a dusting but I can’t think of a snowy simile for a wad! In fact I can: I’m going to call it a few inches) of surgery prescriptions ahead of a potential power cut that a customer had heard a rumour of…

Because my main drug wholesaler had been unable to deliver to us my stock levels were on the low side and I quickly ran short on a number of fundamental lines. I had a shop full of people waiting on walk-in prescriptions a few moments after I stupidly suggested that it was probably going to quieten down soon and then a few more people on the phone urgently needing deliveries.

We clearly won’t get any stock today so I’ll be left having to ration medication and inconvenience patients in addition to effectively doubling my workload. Our newspaper delivery hasn’t made it in and I’m another staff member down. I’m going to brave the elements and do deliveries on foot while Lorraine mans the Post Office. Thankfully we’ve been given permission to close at 4pm by the Health Board so my trudge home (listening to Holding Out For a Hero on loop) should be in daylight!

The forecast for the rest of the week isn’t particularly brilliant and it will most likely impact on stock in the shop and in the pharmacy. Not sure what I’m looking forward to the least; not having the stuff in stock or putting my crampons on and climbing my way through the mountain of stock when the orders eventually come in… Snow joke!



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