Spot The Difference!

I need to psyche myself up a bit more before I can post an article that’s either an informative piece of health promotion detailing NHS pharmacy services or advertises some of the fab produce we sell in the grocery. GRRRN GRRRN GRR.. No it’s no use! I just canna dae it Captain!

A few years ago I was approached by a pharmacy magazine to give my thoughts on a service that we were piloting and they needed a photo of me to accompany the article. I was happy to oblige with writing something and even happier to get the opportunity to play a prank! One quick visit to my dressing up box later…

They caught wind to the joke but only after they’d printed the article. I like to think they thought it absolutely hilarious and that subsequent requests to contribute just got lost in the post… The following month they printed a Spot The Difference competition! 🙈





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