The Stiffener!

The Stiffener!


The best things come in threes: Amigos, a healthy serving of muffins, children in my household and now the number of beers we have launched. Say hello to The Stiffener!

The Siminins Stiffener is an exciting new beer with a bitter bite, roasted coffee taste and when served in a glass has a vivid colour which is reminiscent of St Monans harbour water in the summer. It’s guaranteed* to keep your pecker up and put a grin on your chin. Best enjoyed cold and also best enjoyed drunk in threes** if I can be allowed to link back to my opening sentence!

For the first time in history ramblers and non-ramblers will both be able to enjoy the Fife Coastal Path. Can you make it all the way from Elie to Pittenweem?

Early feedback for The Stiffener:
“It’s actually alright”
“It’s ok that”
“Yes I love a stiff one!”

Photograph courtesy of Calum Archibald. Thanks for the great pic Calum- sorry about the dodgy name!***

*not guaranteed
**always drink responsibly
*** we’re not sorry. We love it!



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